Basic Fact About Food And What We Eat

Food – a very important thing for our health. We should
know that how and what circumstances we should eat food?

Now a day people avoid oil, clarified butter etc. They afraid of being fatty and
many diseases associated with it like heart disease, obesity, blood pressure
etc. But our food should contain sufficient amount of clarified butter, oil and
other substance. Is this fair to avoid oil and clarified butter from food? Not
fair, because oil makes the food tasty and increase appetite and makes the food
soft. It increases digestive fire so that food digests easily, increase
strength, strength sensitive organ and make your skin glowing. It maintains
lubrication between joints and reduces the risk of joint diseases.

The food should Fakta om mat always be hot and fresh, so that it become tasty and easily
digestible and circulates air. Fresh food is always nutritious where as stale
and cold food is heavy, unhealthy and not nutritious.

What we eat is directly related to our senses. Food must be attractive. If the
color, taste and feel of food is tasty and attractive it causes more secretion
of saliva in mouth which helps in better digestion of food and its ingredients.

Therefore the food should be attractive and also served with style in clean and
beautiful utensils.

We must take food in calm and cheerful environment. Anger, jealousy, worry,
nervousness, fear and mental conditions spoil the taste of food. It also
prevents proper secretion of saliva and mouth and secretion of digestive juice
in stomach.