Are Divorce Laws Unfair to Men? Lessons to Learn From the Tiger Woods Cas

It now seems as if Tiger Woods and his Swedish wife, 29 year old Elin Nordegren, are getting divorced. Nothing unusual per se, as over one million Americans get divorced every year. What is unusual though is the way the divorce settlement is looking to shape up. Bookmakers are now putting their money that the final settlement will result in Elin Nordegren being awarded as much as $500 million, half of Tiger Woods estimated wealth. Any way you choose to look at it, this is a staggering amount and one that begs the question: Are divorce laws unfair to men?

Is the idea that women deserve half their husband’s wealth after divorce an antiquated idea in our modern society?

Several experts on family law think so. The argument is that divorce laws are a left over from a time, when women were supposed to stay at home after marriage to care for the family and children. But in a time were women are not only encouraged to seek equal opportunity in pay and employment, but actually outnumber men in many high paying fields and education, does it still make sense that society calls for women to take half the husband’s wealth? Divorce laws imply that the role of the man is to be a provider, while the woman to be the housewife. This seems to contradict everything else the equal opportunities movement has fought for.

Several divorce and family law experts are now speaking out on this. They feel that alimony pay should only be paid in the cases where the woman is unable to work due to old age or small children that require care. In all circumstances the alimony payments should be stopped when the woman remarries or takes up employment that outpay alimony.

Only assets acquired after the marriage should be divided Sveriges lagar and even then, according to some, should not all assets be divided 50-50. The claim that women should be compensated for their lack of career or opportunity to further education is false, experts say. The fact of the matter is that housework needs to be done whether single or in a relationship. Many couples live together unmarried and have similar arrangements in the home, yet no one would dream of implying that this stops the woman from working or studying.

It becomes all the more clear in cases where the husband earns a significant income and employs domestic help. In these cases, paying a woman for not doing much else than simply living, is actually punishing the man for leaving. It also aids in discrimination from employers who worry they will lose female employees as soon as they get married.

This unfortunately leaves a sour taste for many men, who feel like divorce settlements are simply nothing more than revenge from a woman scorned, sanctioned by the courts.

Unfortunately, as witnessed with the outrageous sums mentioned in the Tiger Woods case, there is not much to suggest that divorce laws are about to change.

The best advice to give men in a divorce situation is therefore to learn everything they can about how the process works before consulting a lawyer. Staying civil trough the divorce process can be difficult, particularly when emotions are running high but it’s the best way for men to aid their case.