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The Growth in People Powered 24 News and Breaking News Internet Websites

There have been similar websites / concepts but these were based on earlier technologies, typically the mobile phone using MMS, they could never provide the comprehensive service now offered by the newer technology Internet news sites.

Mobile Phone Technology

Whilst mobile phones were successful for sending news and pictures, for example the Tsunami in Thailand, the mobile phone network often cannot cope with the volume of traffic during such an event. Networks were overwhelmed with people trying to phone friends or relatives to see if they were safe.

Within a very time of the London Bombings, mobile phone networks were unable to cope and the situation was made worse by people continually pressing re-dial.

Phone networks expect a certain volume of traffic based on the number of people who have subscribed to that network; the internet works on a different principle and so does not cease to function efficiently during a time of increased communication.

Breaking News

The speed at which breaking news hits the internet cannot be bettered as it only takes few a minutes for a user / reporter to send news in 3 easy steps:-

1. Click to write & report news

2. Add videos, photos & tags

3. Login or register to submit

Coverage of a UK based Internet News Website is typically:-


  • London and the Southwest
  • N Ireland
  • North
  • North East
  • North West
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • South West
  • Midlands
  • European and World Coverage.


There may also be other tabs for Travel news, entertainment, sport, business, politics, technology. New websites using Content Management Systems like Drupal (used by the White House) can easily cope with vast amounts of information.

News from any country in the world can be put on the Nyheter website as easily and quickly as regional news, and the user can read the news they are interested in at the click of a button.

This contrasts to 24 hour news on the Television, where the viewer has to see news that may not be relevant to them while they wait for the news item that they are interested in. If they tune in to the same 24 hour news channel 30 minutes later, they may notice that some of the news is on a sort of loop, and they have to watch the same story again, even though they were disinterested in it the first time around.

24 hours news, the Ipad and mobile Internet Devices

The internet is now the best medium for breaking 24 hour news because of the increasingly widespread use of mobile internet devices. Examples are the Ipad, tablet pc’s, notebooks and the latest generation of mobile phone with fast and efficient internet access.

Today’s young professional increasingly use internet news sites at home and work. They can quickly zoom in on items of news, business or travel and then move on to the next item in their busy schedule.


When large numbers of consumers bought and used mobile phones either in addition to their fixed lines or as an alternative to having a fixed phone line, it affected the way we communicate. It is expected that as large numbers of consumers buy and use mobile internet devices in addition to, or as an alternative to their ‘fixed line’ (broadband or network at work / University), there will be increased use of highly successful people powered 24 hour breaking news internet sites.

Are Divorce Laws Unfair to Men? Lessons to Learn From the Tiger Woods Cas

It now seems as if Tiger Woods and his Swedish wife, 29 year old Elin Nordegren, are getting divorced. Nothing unusual per se, as over one million Americans get divorced every year. What is unusual though is the way the divorce settlement is looking to shape up. Bookmakers are now putting their money that the final settlement will result in Elin Nordegren being awarded as much as $500 million, half of Tiger Woods estimated wealth. Any way you choose to look at it, this is a staggering amount and one that begs the question: Are divorce laws unfair to men?

Is the idea that women deserve half their husband’s wealth after divorce an antiquated idea in our modern society?

Several experts on family law think so. The argument is that divorce laws are a left over from a time, when women were supposed to stay at home after marriage to care for the family and children. But in a time were women are not only encouraged to seek equal opportunity in pay and employment, but actually outnumber men in many high paying fields and education, does it still make sense that society calls for women to take half the husband’s wealth? Divorce laws imply that the role of the man is to be a provider, while the woman to be the housewife. This seems to contradict everything else the equal opportunities movement has fought for.

Several divorce and family law experts are now speaking out on this. They feel that alimony pay should only be paid in the cases where the woman is unable to work due to old age or small children that require care. In all circumstances the alimony payments should be stopped when the woman remarries or takes up employment that outpay alimony.

Only assets acquired after the marriage should be divided Sveriges lagar and even then, according to some, should not all assets be divided 50-50. The claim that women should be compensated for their lack of career or opportunity to further education is false, experts say. The fact of the matter is that housework needs to be done whether single or in a relationship. Many couples live together unmarried and have similar arrangements in the home, yet no one would dream of implying that this stops the woman from working or studying.

It becomes all the more clear in cases where the husband earns a significant income and employs domestic help. In these cases, paying a woman for not doing much else than simply living, is actually punishing the man for leaving. It also aids in discrimination from employers who worry they will lose female employees as soon as they get married.

This unfortunately leaves a sour taste for many men, who feel like divorce settlements are simply nothing more than revenge from a woman scorned, sanctioned by the courts.

Unfortunately, as witnessed with the outrageous sums mentioned in the Tiger Woods case, there is not much to suggest that divorce laws are about to change.

The best advice to give men in a divorce situation is therefore to learn everything they can about how the process works before consulting a lawyer. Staying civil trough the divorce process can be difficult, particularly when emotions are running high but it’s the best way for men to aid their case.

The Changing Role of Media Planners and Media Buyers

Media planners and media buyers don’t just focus on radio, television, magazines, billboards or newspapers anymore. In fact, with a few exceptions, magazines and newspapers are becoming obsolete. There’s a host of new options available to advertisers, and professional media planners and buyers must stay on the cutting edge of an ever-changing media landscape. Expertise and business connections can be leveraged to not only stay abreast of technology, but to also get prime placement and the best rates.

Over the past several years, newer forms of media have emerged on the scene, including satellite television, cable television, satellite radio and digital (or online) media. Digital/online media may include social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, email blasts, search engine marketing, referral linking campaigns, web portals, YouTube video ads, banner ads, interactive games and more.

As technology moves at the speed of light, when it comes to media planning and buying, the saying “You snooze, you lose” has never been more relevant. However, with so many choices, there’s never been a better time for a media planner or buyer to be able to truly target the right audience with the right advertising medium(s). If the budget allows, most media planners and media buyers will strive for a balanced “media mix” in which all forms of advertising work harmoniously to achieve optimal results.

Where traditional media is concerned, television still remains among the top choices for most advertisers, depending on their target audience and needs. Why? Because it works. When a media buyer is looking for “reach,” (targeting as many people as possible at one time), television can’t be beat for certain audiences. That’s especially true when you want to reach your target market with particular dayparts (certain multiple hours of day) and/or specific programming. People will always watch television, although it is becoming more and more difficult to hold the attention of a younger audience who is texting, tweeting and viewing their favorite show at the same time.

Radio can also be a highly effective traditional Teknik och media form of media, depending on how it’s utilized and what clients are selling. Radio is considered a “frequency” medium (targeting a specific demographic as many times as possible). Often radio will be used as a supplement to television, but not always. What can really enhance radio’s effectiveness is endorsements by on-air personalities, which holds especially true for sports and talk show personalities, who tend to have much more of a loyal following than the average DJ.

Savvy media planners and buyers must thoroughly understand each client’s target demographic, and determine the best media mix to achieve both maximum brand awareness and increased sales. They will then develop a strategic media buying plan based on several factors to ensure the client receives a maximum ROI. Most importantly, they will negotiate the actual media buy based on the particular medium’s standard measurement of audience. For example, with television, that measurement can be determined by CMP (cost per thousand), CPP (cost per point), etc. The ultimate goal is not to just reach the masses, but to reach the as many people who comprise the client’s target market as possible, as many times as possible, for as the best price possible.

While the media landscape is changing and evolving, some of the traditional methods of advertising are still bringing in fantastic results. Media planners and media buyers must not only keep the traditional methods in mind, they also have to stay on the cutting-edge and keep their client’s goals in the forefront of their minds to succeed.

How to Create a Hobby Business

Hobbies are a way for anyone to express themselves and show their own interests that are separate from their family and friends. Hobbies are our specialty, not a sideline. Hobbies are activities or interests pursued outside one’s regular occupation and primarily for the purpose of deriving pleasure. Therefore it would be easy for you to create a hobby business!

Hobbies are a great way to pass the time or provide an escape to your daily routines. They are fun and keep you focused and motivated as well as help you release tensions from other things in life.

They are a great way to pass time and not spend a lot of money. They are not good only for our career but also for our well-being. Hobbies are great ways to spend quality time with friends and family.

These are things that you love to do and are great pastimes and a great diversion from thoughts of work, stress, etc. They provide a way of spending time doing something you like while spending your leisure time. Hobbies are a great way to unwind in middle-earth.

And just as you enthusiastically pursue your hobby you can create a hobby business by turning your passion into your very own home-based business.

Hobbies are traditionally thought of as being diversions rather than occupations or professions. But that is not the complete picture because hobbies encompass a wide variety of activities. They are one of the most under-used income opportunities around. And creating a hobby business could change your financial future.

By creating a hobby business — it will make working and then even retirement a lot of fun. Online marketing is something that can give you personal and financial satisfaction if you decide to turn your hobby into your main business.
Marketing possibilities are just around the corner waiting to strike your sales up.

Turning your hobby into a business may require Fritid och Hobby many late nights and weekends but the effort would be well worth it. Although turning trends into revenue can be an extremely time consuming activity, creating a hobby business can be a most rewarding challenge.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions because most successful entrepreneurs had mentors once, too. And don’t even think of renting large amounts of space with all the costs involved, unless you know you will have the sales. Don’t think that your hobby equipment will hold up under high demand being put on it by you using it daily for a business. Do some research on the type of business equipment you will need.

Hobbies are arts & crafts creating an oasis of calm for self and others. Hobbies like these are often the driving force behind many successful entrepreneurial businesses, but you need more than passion to secure your financial future.

Sales of kids products and transitional hobby products have increased in recent years as a result of various product mixes that have been developed. Hobby-related sales continue to be strong even while sectors fluctuate with each new craze. As an example, model trains simply aren’t going away anytime soon.

If you have a hobby that you are passionate about and if you could use some additional income — creating a hobby business could be a great alternative for both you and your family.

Keep Up With Latest Art News and TV News Via Internet

Arts, culture and broadcasting are in a world of their when it comes to news. They are vibrant, dynamic and ever evolving that sometimes keeping up to speed with the latest news and events is hard.

Each and every day, there are new concerts, performances, exhibitions, talents being discovered, scandals and success stories to follow up on. All of these spring up at very short notices such that you could end up missing out if you take your eye off the ball. The main questions remains, “how do we ensure that art lovers stay connected with what’s going on amidst the thriving art and TV industry?”

The simplest way to keep up with the latest news is to turn on your computer, laptop, iPad or any other device/gadget and get online. The internet provides unparalleled advantages some of which could be hooking you up with the latest in showbiz and the like. There is a wide variety of resources on the internet which arts and TV enthusiasts wishing to stay informed on what’s happening in this industry can use.

The internet is an amazing tool which has provided Nyheter och media users with so much seamless possibilities, some beyond our imaginations. It has revolutionized the art news and TV news industry to become the first call for artists who are looking to promote their events and products be it songs, videos or rare interviews. Similarly, it is the first destination by fanatics looking to keep themselves updated on any developments whatsoever. It is the best way that such fans can keep their fingers on the pulse at all times.

There are numerous websites, blogs and web pages which have come up. They provide news and updates on events and special calendars to ensure that ardent fans can be in touch with those things that interest them most. The sites have diverse sign ups ranging from daily, weekly or monthly newsletters which provide clues on the next concert, exhibition or even exclusive deals. The same applies to the TV sector. With thousands of TV stations globally, which one do you watch and which do you live out. The internet offers a much easier choice when it comes to such dilemma. From local to international news, you can be able access all these news at the click of a button.

In addition, there are also other strategies linked to the internet through which you can be able to lay your hands on the latest news release. There are sites which give individuals the opportunity to sign up for text messages which update on any arts or TV news. Social media networks also grant news enthusiasts an impeccable platform to track all the latest news. There are also other tools such as the Podcast which take this access to a new height. They not only give the latest art news and TV news but also allow users to download what they think is important to them.

How to Estimate Needlepoint Yarn Quantities

“How much yarn, or thread, will I need for my needlepoint project?” If you are not stitching a needlepoint kit then this is undoubtedly a question you will need answered. Estimating needlepoint yarn quantities is not an exact science and there is a ‘right’ way and a ‘quick’ way to do this.

The ‘right’ way of estimating thread quantities for a needlepoint project is to stitch a square inch on your selected canvas, using your selected yarn and the stitch you plan to use. You then calculate total yarn quantities by multiplying out from the amount used to cover this square inch. I call this method the ‘right’ way as it will give you the most accurate measure of how much yarn you will need.

The tricky part about the ‘right’ way of doing things is that often we do not have a little bit of the desired thread to test out on the canvas. Maybe you want to buy all that you are likely to need all at once. This is when the ‘quick’ way of estimating needlepoint yarn quantities comes in handy.

This could also be called the “Fist Method of Determining Needlepoint Yarn Amounts”. Make a fist and apply the flat part of the fist to the canvas. Count how many “fists” of each color your canvas requires. Each “fist” is approximately one skein of tapestry wool – so that is an area of approximately 2 inches by 3 inches (the flat part of your fist) per skein of yarn. If a skein is 8 yards then you can estimate it takes approximately 8 yards of needlepoint tapestry yarn to cover 6 square inches of needlepoint canvas. But, always buy at least 10% extra to allow for small fists!

There are some other factors you will want to take into consideration before purchasing yarn:


  • If your design is made up of a lot of small color areas you will need to buy more of that (those) color(s).
  • Smaller mesh canvases will need more yarn than larger mesh.
  • Basketweave stitch uses almost a third more thread than continental stitch.


You can see why it is hard to estimate how much thread is required for a particular design! Hopefully this will help you to estimate the amount of thread required for your next needlepoint project.

Brenda Stimpson is a needlepoint designer, stitcher and business owner. When she is not stitching she is often writing about needlepoint or thinking up the next grand design.

Looking For an Ultimate Weight Loss Program? I Have Good News and Bad News For You

Are you looking for the ultimate weight loss program that will finally take you from being fat and flabby to fit and fabulous? Anyone who has extra pounds hanging around the middle wants to lose the weight the easiest way possible. Everyone is looking for that special weight-loss program that will finally do the trick and help them lose the weight for good. The problem is that many people are looking for the easy route to weight loss. The truth is that there is no easy way to lose weight and keep it off because it all takes work.

For people who are overweight, one of the main problems is not putting forth the effort to eat a healthy diet and move their body on a regular basis. Going for a quick fix diet solution is only going to prolong the problem. Our bodies get confused when we yo-yo diet constantly moving up and down the scale. It is important to use specific guidelines when looking for the ultimate weight loss program to meet your goals.

First of all, it is going to take Nyhetshuset commitment on your part. You simply have to decide that you’re going to do it no matter what. You cannot look back and you cannot worry about the future. Instead, you must focus on the present moment and getting the task done the right way.

Secondly, you must decide that you cannot have unhealthy foods in your home or around you a regular basis. If this means taking a different route to work so that you don’t pass your favorite fast food restaurants, then so be it. You must decide that nothing will stand in your way and you will take whatever measures necessary to make it work this time.

Finally, you must weigh yourself on a regular basis to track your progress. Don’t obsess about the number on the scale, but do keep track so that you can tell when you are getting off course and immediately correct yourself.

The bad news: There is no ultimate weight loss program the work for you if you don’t put forth the effort and the motivation it takes to stick with it. After all, you only want to lose this weight one time and not repeatedly over the course of the next few years.

The good news: If you are willing to commit and willing to follow a good program, I have used one that works.

Bodyguard And How To Get Bodyguard Jobs

Have you at any point seen an escort encompassing a political figure or competitor and considered what does it take to turn into an expert protector? The place of protector, otherwise called close insurance subject matter expert or leader security trained professional, for a VIP might appear to be a unimaginable task to land for your regular person, yet in the event that you have determination and devotion the occupation of an expert guardian may not be as distant from your grip as it might appear.

What does it take to turn into a protector?

A great many people accept you should be knowledgeable in a hand to hand battle of some kind or another and have insight in the military or taking care of weapons to turn into a nearby security trained professional. While at times this might be valid and make getting a specific work simpler, a confidential security expert essentially should be somebody ready to risk their own wellbeing for the security of others.

The nearby security expert work is like the mystery bodyguards London administration specialist work. Great chief insurance subject matter experts and genuine expert close assurance experts will take projectile for the individual they safeguard.

For this reason leader security experts get compensated very wealthy their work. Their presence truly intends that for some random individual with noxious expectations to get to the individual being watched, they should go through a nearby security expert first who might be furnished and is likely ready to debilitate or kill.

What does it take to land guardian position?

To find a new line of work, you really want to contact individuals who need the administrations of a chief security trained professional, or individuals who bargain in confidential security administrations. You might be shocked to figure out there is a seriously large business worked around confidential security, and a basically search on the net will provide you with various spots to leave your name and resume.

Remember that commonly more prominent positions will request a more prominent rundown of involvement and weapons and strategies abilities. The majority of the nearby security experts who safeguard high profile people have long stretches of military or paramilitary experience, as well as experience serving others of lower profile.

Regardless, in the event that you are significant about turning into a guardian you can start your preparation and search by means of the web quickly. There are various open doors out there, and one might be only the one to make the way for this interesting vocation for you.

Final Finishing Touches For The Home-Based Office

The Office Floor Plan

Do not consider purchasing office furniture until you have measured your office space and considered what furnishings you would like to have in the office. When you have measured the office space and decided on your furnishings it is then the time to do an actual floor plan. Be sure you have measured the office furniture that you want to place in the space as well. Basic office furniture would include a desk, desk chair, guest chair (one or two depending on the space) and a bookcase. If you have a large office space you may want to include a desk size credenza for additional work space.

There are many different ways to lay out the furniture in the home-based office and it will mostly depend on the size of the space and where the window and door are located. For example, you could have the desk facing a wall, facing the window, diagonally placed, or centrally located in the office space. Another question to ask is will this just be a home-based office or will it do some double duty as perhaps the guest room or dining room? If the office will serve as a dual space then you will need to consider storage space such as a closet so the office can disappear when you need it to. So, we have painted the office, put up our window treatments and wall decorations and now is the time to place the furnishings.

Lighting For The Home-Based Office

At this point when the use of the office space has been determined and the office furnishings have been placed in the office, it would be a good time to consider an effective use of lighting. So when choosing the lighting remember that the home-based office is not only functional working space but it is also a part of your home decor. There should be comfortable, properly lit area for reading, relaxing, and viewing a computer screen or TV. There should also be a place to display collections or artwork. Some rules of thumb to follow when installing lighting into the office would be to consider the natural light and then layer the lighting using some ambient, task lighting, and accent lighting. The bottom line is that the office has good quality lighting. A dimly lit office will have a negative effect on your productivity so be sure you have adequate lighting in your home-based office.

What Industry Are You Working In?

I only ask this question because just like family Inspiration för hemmet pictures and inspirational quotes, whatever industry you are working in should be reflected in your home office space. In a previous article I talked about how adding a touch of your industry to your space will let people know what it is that you are doing while working at your desk. For example, if you are a company representative selling health and wellness products have a couple of products and perhaps information about the products displayed either on your desk or on your bookcase. Just be sure they are placed in an area where they will be noticed and perhaps invoke curiosity in your visitor.

Basic Office Equipment

Finally add your basic office equipment such as computer/mouse, printer/copy/fax machine, telephone, shredders, bulletin boards, white boards, etc. and you have successfully completed the set up for the perfect home-based office. Don’t forget to add some comfy space for taking a break or reading. Add some easy to care for plant life or even a silk plant or two and you have created a space that you will be happy and productive in for the hours you will be spending there.

Major Business Problems Business Coaches Solve

Coaches are people who can help other people become better individuals. These are people who have the skills to transform people from being ordinary to successful and help them achieve goals in life. In the business world, coaches are in line with consultants and advisers and their prime goal is to help entrepreneurs reach the success they strive for everyday.

However, not many businesses are keen to have business coaches on their side. They do not know how important these people are and how they can help solve all sorts of problems seen in businesses.

Unexpected Events

Most of the time, businesses go down because of unexpected events that may usher a down trend in their performance. Though business owners may plan furiously to create safeguards to such kinds of events, some still come as a surprise, which can be catastrophic. Business coaches can easily help during these kinds of situations as they are expected to have experience in handling numerous, business shattering events which have happened to them in the past. The knowledge they can impart is essential for recovery and correctly crafting plans to prevent it from happening again.

Frustrations and disappointments

The next business problems which can lead to business downfall are frustrations and disappointments. No matter how professional and well-experienced an entrepreneur is, they always feel frustrated when things don’t go well. A business owner must have good coaching to avoid turning these disappointments into reasons for raising a white flag.

Marketing problems and failure

Another problem business coaches and advisors solve are various marketing failures. There are situations when various strategies are conceptualized and initiated but favorable results are not seen. Business coaches are expected to have a huge repository of experience which they can impart to entrepreneurs to help them rise up from these marketing pitfalls.

Unproductive business management

Poor productivity, mismanagement and other managerial problems are often the source of business failures. The cause of these may be the inexperience of the manager or owner, the lack of professionalism of employees or both. Business coaches can provide essential trainings to both manager and employee to improve work relationships and increase productive output.

Lack of confidence from peers

Whether from relatives, family Business to Business members or business partners, their lack of confidence on your management is a great blow to your business’ chance of success. One of the most vital ingredients of a blooming business is not only the level of income it generates but how people view you as person. Are you an uncompassionate manager who yearns to gain money at all cost, or a genuine person who wants to bring everyone along as you succeed? Business coaches can provide advice on how to better improve one’s image to their employees and customers.


This final problem which business coaches dream to solve is when entrepreneurs are tempted to quit. Coaches are not superheroes with superhuman skills. They are ordinary people like everyone else, who have managed to successfully overcome problems in life. They feel what other people feel; they share the difficulties of life and the disappointments that plague entrepreneurs as they strive to keep their business afloat.

Their stories of accomplishment and how they managed to turn the direst of situations into stepping stones for success is the most important thing they can impart to every business owner today. This is the reason why business coaches are important for any entrepreneur who really wants to be successful in business and in life.